Floor Cleaning Service in Atlanta

Are your floor tile and grout etched and stained? We will bring that perfect cleanliness your surface deserves with an astonishing floor cleaning service in Atlanta. Not only does our high quality cleaner clean the tile and grout, it also preps and sanitizes them. Steam machines or regular cleaners lift stains only at the top of the floor, while our product seeps deep into the surface releasing all the stains and any sealers, if present.

Grout always needs to be sealed once it is cleaned, else it will make the entire floor look bad. We protect all the grout lines with a pigmented titanium sealer- Caponi, which prevents the occurrence of stains and mold with a 5 year labor warranty. It is available in more than 40 different colors to suit your requirements. If there is a tile cracking issue, we rectify it with our patented tile repair service in Atlanta.

We fill the cracks with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin. It is engineered with a 1200psi adhesion, which will protect the tile for a lifetime. The best part is, it makes the cracks look natural with its thin lines and more than 40 color options.


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